Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We strive for complete transparency and genuine information delivery. The complete satisfaction of our customers is our end goal.

As our customer, you are just as much a part of our company as our employees are. Without your feedback and input throughout your order we cannot produce a successful result. Let us know if you have any questions.

Production Time

From the first business day after you approve your project, to the delivery of your order, the time span is typically 3 weeks, depending on the purchased product.

Customer Responsibilities

Legal Ownership of Reproduced Images, Logos, Trademarks & Copyrights. As a customer, you attest to have the legal right to reproduce all images associated with your order by submitting them to us for production. You also attest to not be infringing on the rights of any other company by submitting your project to us.

Down Payments and Milestone Payments

Before we begin your project, you will be required to make a down payment of 10 - 25% of the total project cost, or a maximum of $200.00. This deposit is non refundable after 24 hours. As the project continues and we hit milestones, or completion percentages determined in the original agreement, an invoice will be sent and the project paused until receipt of payment. Milestone payments only apply to projects that cost over $500.00.

All Sales Are Final

You are ordering a custom product from us that cannot be re-sold. Therefore, all sales are final once your project has been approved and paid for. We do not issue refunds for any reason. We will, however correct any errors that were made on our part.

Should a legal dispute arise for any reason, you agree that the proceeding for such a dispute will take place in Lafayette, LA, USA. You will be held financially responsible for any legal proceedings that arise and are assessed to Lafayette Designs, LLC due to illegal use of copyright or trademark infringements. You will defend these claims at your sole expense. You agree that Lafayette Designs, LLC is a harmless party in any legal proceedings.

The logos, designs, registered trademarks, etc. are owned solely by our clients. Purchases from Lafayette Designs, LLC does not grant you the ability to reproduce logos/designs that are not owned by you, nor does your purchase grant or lease ownership of private logos or trademarks to you.